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Thursday, November 18 2010

You can read the full story of Flora Mae and Rico here.

Here they are in their school uniforms. They attend daily and are very excited to go. Rico is attending 1st grade and Mae is in Kindergarden.

October Newsletter

Monday, October 11 2010

“Wound Dressing” Became Complex Emergency Surgery

Do you believe in coincidence or God’s perfect timing?

Another trip to the outskirts, another journey to the mountains, to serve the people of Mindanao who are far from the reach of medical care.

At this particular place, surgery patient #5 was a farmer named Ainil Kido. He lined-up with the other people for surgery and so we thought it wasn’t that urgent. The people on triage had written on his card “Assessment: Struck by water buffalo’s horn    Plan: For wound dressing”.

Upon exam we soon learned that his injury was much bigger than it had first appeared to the triage person. It was very difficult to understand him because he was Maguindanaon, a Muslim tribe, and none of us in that room could understand him. We asked him again and again, using our hands - with action just to get the right information, until we found out that he had been struck by his carabao (water buffalo). The man had sustained serious pelvic injuries as a result of a 6-8 inch penetration caused by the water-buffalo’s horn and he was really in agony. He was reluctant to undergo the needed surgery to clean and repair the deep wound, but was persuaded upon further explanation.