Mission Statement


Reaching the isolated and impoverished with medical care



Reach International Healthcare and Training was formed to address the needs of millions of impoverished Filipinos and others who have limited or no access to medical care. We are compelled by the example of sacrificial love shown to us by Jesus Christ, to encourage respect for all people and to be an example of sacrificial service through medical compassion.


We do this through:

  • Providing free medical outreach clinics and surgeries to remote areas.
  • Training national healthcare workers who will stay in these remote areas to work.
  • Teaching community and preventive health.
  • Empowering the indigenous people to learn to navigate their own national healthcare system.
  • Being open about who we are as Christians and unambiguous in our communications - holding honesty, integrity, and respect of others as core values.
  • Promoting and providing leadership and community development of indigenous people.