Meet Our Team

Samuel C. Evans M.D.

Dr. Sam was raised in Ozark County in southern Missouri, where he received the calling to become a medical missionary at the age of 14. In preparation, he attained his ordination as a General Baptist Minister and then went to medical school, continuing on to obtain the further schooling needed to specialize in Family Practice. Additionally, he is board certified in Forensic Medicine, and board eligible in Emergency Medicine. Before coming to the Philippines in January 2002, he worked more than 16,000 emergency room hours in addition to his practice at his clinic in Arkansas. He also was the medical director for 4 nursing homes, a Clinical Teacher, Collaborating Physician, and Preceptor for Nurse Practitioners and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, at UAMS, Little Rock, AR.

This wide background of education and experience has made Dr. Sam well qualified for not only providing outreach clinics and surgeries to places where there is no doctor, but also to train national healthcare workers in those remote areas and westerners who desire to work as primary healthcare workers in this or any other 3rd world country.

Sherri Evans
Communication and Fundraising, Support Services Coordinator

Growing up in the flatlands of central Kansas, USA, Sherri developed an interest in helping people at an early age. She received a call from the Lord to foreign missions in 1997 and returned to college to prepare for the work He had called her to.  She graduated in May, 2002, from Evangel University in Springfield, MO. with a degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Psychology, and a minor (almost a second major) in Social Work. This has prepared her well, giving her the skills needed to work alongside her husband among the underserved in the Philippines.

Sherri's primary role is to manage the organizational home base and to coordinate support services and provisions for the many facets of Reach International Healthcare and Training, Inc.

Ian L. Otbot
Pastor, Administrative Liaison Officer

Ian was born on August 22, 1982 to hardworking and responsible parents. He grew up in the remote mountain village of Lamhaku, T'boli, South Cotabato Province.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the General Baptist Bible College in Davao City. Two months after his graduation in 2006, Ian married his college sweetheart, Cherry Nen Hinampas. On May 18, 2007 God blessed them with a beautiful daughter, Shecaniah Marguerite (Nickole) H. Otbot.
Rev. Ian serves as our Administrative Liaison Officer and is responsible for setting up and coordinating our outreaches with the communities we serve as well as offering counseling and prayer to our patients and their families. 

Darlyn "Dada" Tenajeros R.N.
Nurse, Team Leader

Dada was born and raised right here in Davao City. She graduated in 2007 from Davao Doctor's College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, passing the nursing board exam the same year - the very first time she took it.

She believes that the Lord's purpose for her to become a nurse is to help other people. It is because of this that she feels called to the ministry of Reach International Healthcare and Training.

She uses her nursing skills on our outreaches to see patients, assist with surgeries, and in helping to teach our healthcare worker training classes. 

Earl Michael J. Vaporoso R.N.
Nurse, Manager - Grace Clinic, Kihan, Malapatan, Sarangani Province

Born on February 22, 1986, here in Davao City, he is the son of Elvisa and Romeo Vaporoso, and has one brother and two sisters. He graduated from Davao Doctor's College with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2007 and passed the nursing board exam the same year (also the first time he took it).

Earl is a deep thinker, and loves to examine the wonder and 'why' of all of God's creation - especially the human body, thus his interest in nursing.

He has worked as a nurse with the Reach Team for a number of years and is now being sponsored through Reach to attend medical school here in Davao City.

Jordan Levi B. Boado R.N.
Nurse, Team Leader

Jordan was born and raised in Tagum City, just 1 hour from Davao. He graduated in 2008 from NDC-Tagum with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

He has a very tender heart and loves to help people and because of this he feels called to the ministry of Reach International Healthcare and Training.

Jordan is a part of our outreach team, using his nursing skills to see patients, assist with surgeries, and in helping to teach our healthcare worker training classes. 

Bernice E. Tutor R.N.
Nurse, Healthcare Instructor

All of her life had been spent right here in Davao City, at least until she came to work with us! She has been a registered nurse since 2009 and has had a number of different jobs as a nurse before she came to work for Reach. She never imagined that God would direct her to be a missionary nurse, but says she has grown a lot in her relationship with the Lord since coming to work with our team in early 2012 and likes to be able to share God's blessings, grace, and love by helping others through the work of Reach International. Her flexibility, outgoing nature, and ability to work well under pressure has helped her to adapt and fit in very well with our team and the challenges we face each week.

Cherry Nen Otbot
Office Assistant, Healthcare Worker

Nen is from the village of Maparat, Compostela, ComVal Province. She graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education from the General Baptist Bible College. She is married to Rev. Ian Otbot and is the mother of Nickole (born in 2007) and Gabrielle (born in 2012).

Nen joined Reach International in January 2009. After working with our outreach teams for more than 1 year as a healthcare worker (trained by Dr. Sam), she transferred to work in our administration office. Nen’s sharp mind, easy smile, and impressive organizational skills make her an asset to have both in the office AND on the field.

Leo Romel D. Cambel

Leo was born and raised in Belison Anique on Panay Island (Visayas Region), Philippines. He moved to Manila with his brother, Ryan, after he finished elementary school and eventually graduated from Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College there in 2007 with a BSN degree. After graduation, he went to visit his grandparents in southern Mindanao, where he met the Reach Team and ended up staying on with his grandparents in order to take our 10 month Healthcare Worker Training Course.

With his gentle heart and ever present willingness to help - with a smile, Leo volunteered to continue serving with Reach Int'l after completing our HCW course in 2010 and soon became a full-time employee.

Keith & Carrie Bowers
Christian Leadership Training and Church Planting; Field Accounting

We have welcomed Keith and Carrie Bowers, and their boys, Jason & Lucas, to the Reach Team. We're looking forward to them joining us in the work in the Philippines later this year (2016). They are currently in the U.S. raising support towards that goal. For more information about the Bowers, click here.