Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

Volunteer positions, Preceptorships, and Internships will be coordinated to meet both the interests and needs of each person and of Reach International. Under this program - with Dr. Sam as preceptor and primary clinical instructor, team members will be involved in all facets of our clinic-without-walls, assisting both at a hands-on-learning level, as well as helping to teach in certain areas.

These activities include: (monthly) 5-8 days of health teachings (teaching Community Health and training Healthcare Workers in remote areas of the Southern Philippines, primarily on the Island of Mindanao), 5-10 outreach clinics and performing 30-50 minor surgeries (primarily skin and skin structures) each month, while traveling to 5-10 different sites around Mindanao.

Team members will be under various levels of supervision (depending on their team role, prior training, and experience) during the medical outreaches where they may take patient histories, conduct physical exams, form differential diagnoses’, and create actual treatment plans. Each patient is cleared through Dr. Evans for review, instruction, and authorization to continue with presented treatment plans. There will be planned instruction times, directed reading and other assignments given, as well as many times of impromptu medical discussions throughout each week, and of course, debriefing following each outreach. They will participate in teaching and training sessions, outreach clinics, surgeries, evaluating children in orphanages, and gain some awareness of administrative duties on the mission field.

Teams will experience the rigors of providing medical care in very remote areas, often hiking through rivers and jungles, sleeping on hard bamboo beds, bathing in a river or behind a banana leaf screen with a bucket and a dipper, and eating common foods provided many times by poor, indigenous tribal hosts, while enjoying the beautiful Philippine scenery and landscape. Of course we have comfortable lodging waiting upon return to our mission base.

During their stay in the Philippines, team members will spend approximately 50% of their time participating in outreaches to remote areas, also having opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful (and un-commercialized) areas of the Philippines. The rest of the time will be spent in lectures, discussions, reading and other assignments, and the cultural experience of exploring Davao City and the surrounding area,





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